About Shred Index

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Are you thinking about doing a ski season at a new resort?

It can be a daunting task with so many things to consider - will you be able to find a job or housing? Will it pay enough? What about visa limitations? And what about all the little details, like phone providers and the best hostels?

But what if there was a one-stop place where you could find all the answers to your questions, straight from people who have already been there? Enter Shred Index, the ultimate ski resort directory, crowd-sourced by the global ski and snowboard community.

At Shred Index, you can add your own opinions and ratings, and even upvote or downvote the information provided by others. Your input will help others make informed decisions about where to work, live, or visit.

But Shred Index isn't just about ranking resorts - it's also about staying informed. Ski resorts are constantly changing, with new developments, job opportunities, and crowds. Having the most recent and relevant information is key for anyone planning a ski season.

Shred Index is a self-funded project designed and run by Tom Hansen, and the more people who get involved, the better it will be for the whole community.

So why did Tom start Shred Index? He experienced firsthand the difficulties of finding housing and making ends meet while living in Whistler, Canada. He realized that many other people were also struggling, and that there was a need for a directory that provided tailored information for people working and living in ski resorts.

With Shred Index, you can find the perfect resort for you, based on your own criteria and priorities. Whether you're looking to shred powder, party, bring your family, or embrace the outdoor lifestyle, Shred Index has got you covered.