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3 Simple Yet Random Tips for your first day Snowboarding

Posted in Ski Tips on Jan 04, 2020

The first time snowboarding can be exciting yet nerve-racking, you will probably be given a whole bunch of obvious advice from people (that always seem to be pros). And as with any advice out there, take it with a grain of salt. Here are three more uncommon things you should/could take note of to help make your first day of snowboarding more fun! J...

Top #2 International Ski Medical Insurance for Snowmads

Posted in Ski Tips on Dec 30, 2019

Finding the best ski/snowboard insurance that is right for you About to go skiing or snowboarding overseas????!!!! SICK MATE! 🙌 (can you tell I am Aussie? Well I'm not, I am a Kiwi 😛) Get excited mate! 🤙🤙🤙 Just before you head out on your big adventure, you may wanna get yourself covered along with your equipment. Nothing like losing your gear on t...

The best chairlift snacks you should definitely try out.

Posted in Ski Tips on Oct 03, 2019

Heres what happens when you hire someone off fiverr to write articles for you! The best chairlift snacks you should definitely try out. Life can be busy and we all know that. If you are not running to school before the sun comes up you are maybe sleeping because you know, you got to sleep even if it is just for a little. I am one of the person who ...

10 useful ski hacks to help make the most out your day

Posted in Ski Tips on Sep 28, 2019

Getting ready for some shredding? Awesome! Here a are 10 quick and useful tips/hacks to make the most out of your day! Ski Hack #1 Loosen your boots On the first couple of runs of the day, ride with slightly loose ski boots so that they can warm up and adjust to your feet - instead of blocking your blood flow early and making your feet cold and/or ...

Shred Index | The making of the ski resort ranking system

Posted in Shred Index Company on Aug 13, 2019

During the production of Shred Index, It was luckily found by One of the team memebers at Tenton Gravity Research. He had a few questions for me before posting it publicly. Here there are: Hopefully it answers a few questions for you and gives you an idea about what this is all about. Who is involved in Shred Index? Shred Index is a self funded pro...

Three main reasons not to teach your girlfriend to ski this winter!

Posted in Ski Vacations on Jul 25, 2019

These 3 reasons will make a huge difference, so take note! Are you about to take ski vacation, with your girlfriend, family members or loved ones? Do you want to actually have a good time? Help them enjoy shredding as much as you do? First of all, it may seem like a good idea. Because you will save a lot of time and money Also hiring a teacher at t...