10 useful ski hacks to help make the most out your day

Posted in Ski Tips on Sep 28, 2019

Getting ready for some shredding? Awesome!

Here a are 10 quick and useful tips/hacks to make the most out of your day!

Ski Hack #1 Loosen your boots

On the first couple of runs of the day, ride with slightly loose ski boots so that they can warm up and adjust to your feet - instead of blocking your blood flow early and making your feet cold and/or in pain.

Your first runs are often the most casual and easy runs where you get warmed up and back into the ski feel, so you won't lose any desired control from the loose boots. As the day goes and your feet and boots get warmer, you can tighten them up bit by bit until they have a perfect fit, and are ready for your best lines.

Ski Hack #2 Hit the hardest slopes first (experienced riders only)

If you're an experienced skier and if you want to try all of the slopes, always go to the steepest/hardest slopes first! At the end of the day there won't be as many fresh tracks, and likely having less fun. Unless you are a slushy park rider, or it's spring conditions. Since you are the fittest in the morning and the weakest in the afternoon you should adjust your style and the slopes you ride in order to prevent crashes and have the most of fun :)

Ski Hack #3 Make a balaclava when the weather changes

Mountain weather changes considerably. If the wind picks up or its starts getting a little more cold than expected an easily solution to keep a bit warmer is to make a balaclava out of your t-shirt. Just wrap the t-shirt around your head and keep the head hole open for your eyes and nose and ninja it up a little.

Ski Hack #4 Carry Duck Tape around your pole

Carrying duct tape can help out in many situations, such as a cut on your skin, or a hole in your jacket. Just wrap a half width around your pole a few times so you can keep it there all the time with little extra weight. This is a awesome little ski hack that can help you out

Ski Hack #5 Bring snacks

This one is obvious and you may know this one already, but surpriseling enough you always forget right? Bringing snacks saves so much time and money by avoiding long lunch ques and expensive on mountain restaurants. Bananas are tasty but are not a good choose unless your prefreese it? Nut bars, protein bars, premade sanwiches, turkey drumstick are all good choices.

Ski Hack #6 Hot Water Flask + Instant Noodles

Bring a flask of hot/ boiling water and a packet of instant noodles to it for a lush hot snack at the top of your favourite line. Find a secret place to stash it, to be lighter weight.

Ski Hack #7 Carry as little as possible

The better riders I have met are always carrying very little. Light weight boots, using a paper clip as a wallet, only one key without the key chain. Ask yourself, what do I really need? Keep it light, with give keep you lighter on your ski, and usually a more enjoyable experience.

Ski Hack #8 Find a local rider and ask for some guidence

If you are newish to a mountain asking a good local rider for some guidence will make your expereince possibly ten fold better. They will know nooks and crannys that can sometimes take years to find depending on the mountain size. Don't be shy and get that chin waggin. Talk some banter and find yourself a guide for a few runs!

Ski Hack #9 Demistify your goggles the night before

If you have already done a day skiing on the slopes, make sure to dry your goggles real good! Also note, if it's snowing, don't take your goggles off to wipe them, if snow gets inside it fog up for the rest of your day.

Note* Becareful not to make the mistake of putting your googles on the heater or near something too hot, plastic can warp. Warpy googles isnt fun either else you'll need to buy more.

Ski Hack #10 Sort out your logistics and ski hire the night before

Nothing worst than, lining up to get your ski gear, then lining up for your ski pass, then lining up to get on the gondola or ski lift. Get this sorted before hand so you will have more energy and enthusiasm on the mountain.

Posted in Ski Tips on Sep 28, 2019


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