Three main reasons not to teach your girlfriend to ski this winter!

Posted in Ski Vacations on Jul 25, 2019

These 3 reasons will make a huge difference, so take note!

Are you about to take ski vacation, with your girlfriend, family members or loved ones? Do you want to actually have a good time?

Help them enjoy shredding as much as you do?

First of all, it may seem like a good idea. Because you will save a lot of time and money Also hiring a teacher at the ski school definitely isnt cheap. But that’s not the only reason because..

You already know how to ski right?*

And skiing is easy. So you can easily teach someone else. WoRNG…just like this spelling. The problem is that you may not think about a lot of different other aspects. I admit, I have made the error in teaching my girlfriend how to snowboard. I assure you, it wasn’t a good time. Plus, I am ski instructor. Obviously a terrible one, your thinking. Well the truth is I became a Ski Instuctor a few years after this incident occurred.

This can happen to you too

Is Hiring an instructor is a waste of money?

It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth it and I will tell you why. Of all “things”, I narrowed it down to the 3 most important I ordered them from least to most important in my mind: 3: Regret (Wasting Your Day and your Vacation) How about 'let's not waste our day' "Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach." • Aristotle The Mountain is Big and Fun! First of all. It’s probably going to be a waste of your day. So think of paying this instructor for your girlfriend or your loved ones is actually going to give you good time and freedom do what you want on the mountain. Here's a little scenario below to give you a quick glimpse of what it will be like. Scenario. Wake up, its snowing with sun in the forcast. You have breakfast, grab all of your heavy equipment and clothing, skis board, goggles, golves and scarf. You trek to pick up your tickets and in line for either your ticket or for the gondola to get up the hill. 3hours already down in preparation. It doesnt matter though because your almost at the top about to get out and have a dam good time. It's such a beautiful day on the mountain now that the suns out and you are with your loved ones. You arrive at the top, you do some final checks to make sure everything is in place. Ok cool, this is easy... it's just like riding a bike. and they keep falling over and not having a good time. You however just want to keep skiing or boarding. You have already come all this way got dressed spend money on the mountain ticket and now you can't ski because you go friend is going to slow really slow. damn. that's frustrating. I want to go and explore the rest of the mountain. But instead I'm stuck here with her and she's not having a good time and neither am I. the problem is now though. is we are both stuck in the middle of the Run. she's crying. I'm frustrated. People are flying past us. and it's a long way to the bottom. and unfortunately I can't book an instructor now. Learning something new. If someone is learning something new and is a lot of pressure on them to learn. sometimes it can be problematic because they're not getting rewarded with there small milestones that they achieve. because they're still so far away of being as good as you. a a teacher on the other hand will help reward the students even if the Milestone is very small. this positive feedback boost the students self-esteem which gives them more confidence and Worry Less. enabling them to perform better as they are less stressed out. "You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself." • Galileo

2: Do You Even Know How To Teach? Teaching is an art from in itself and heres why. "Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased." • Jiddu Krishnamurti How do I get rid of it? It's an Art. Teaching someone new can be very difficult. especially if they've never touched snow before what had the experience sliding down snow before. . Something. Even the mountain can be very daunting itself. it's huge, freezing and those lifts don't look very comfortable. that's not counting the fact that is a lot of people going a million miles an hour down the runs. to a newbie this can be very intimidating. "Positive expectations are the mark of the superior personality." • Brian Tracy

1: Long Term effects There are some serious long term effects to consider but first, let's just think about going home. "Time apart draws you closer together." • T Hansen Do you think they will want to ski again after a bad time? Something. If you have a frustrating day on the mountain together it's going to affect your entire vacation. many arguments on the Mountain will transfer throughout the rest of your trip. bad moods and vacations don't work well together. . Something. If you both had a really good day apart from each other. you have something great to talk about with one another, and hopefully when you become equally as good as each other at skiing. you can share this experience together. but until then. Something. Text. A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit. • Arnold H Glasow If you don’t hire an Instructor? Well good luck to you! If you don’t hire an instructor and you both have a successful day. That is wonderful. However, I assure you it is rare. Conclusion Are you guys Ready to hit the Mountain and have a good time? Make sure you hire an instructor. You can do this! Thanks for reading, sharing, and following! :)

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Posted in Ski Vacations on Jul 25, 2019


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