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Here's a quick local guide for Bridger Bowl

All the information and data is crowd-sourced by the real local's living in/next to Bridger Bowl. If you are living near Bridger Bowl. Rack up some steeze points by adding what you think is best. Karma will swing its way back around.

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Emergency Ski Patrol Line
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Hours Of Operation (peak season)
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Official Website
Arrival and Setup
Closest Airport
Bozeman International Airport (BZN)
Best Transport from Airport
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Housing Listings Website (link)
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Best Phone Service
Job Listings Website (link)
Best Bank
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Best of
Best Cheap Eat
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Best Locals Bar
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Best Coffee Shop
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Best Taxi Service
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Best Hospital
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Best Hostel
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Best Gym
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Best Spa/Onsen
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Best Ski Rental
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Best Tune Up
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Best Resort Parking
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Best Month for Snow
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Power Input Type Type A/B 120 V
Safe Tap Water
Closest Immigration Office
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Government Visa Information (link)
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Closest Town Population

Bridger Bowl Local Guide FAQ

What is Bridger Bowl official website?

Bridger Bowl offcial website is

What is the closest airport to Bridger Bowl's ?

Bridger Bowl closest airport is Bozeman International Airport (BZN).

What is the best phone service in Bridger Bowl?

The best mobile phone service Bridger Bowl is Verizon.

Where is the best place to find a job in Bridger Bowl?

The best place to find work in Bridger Bowl is

What power input type is used in Bridger Bowl?

The power input type in Bridger Bowl is Type A/B 120 V.

Is the tap water safe in Bridger Bowl?

In Bridger Bowl, Yes the tap water is Yes safe.

What is the closest town population near Bridger Bowl?

The closest town population near Bridger Bowl is ~46,000.