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Episode #1: Jacob Boyd — Whistler Living, Sledding and web series 'The Cut'

Name: Jacob Boyd

Free Skier

Website: http://underwhiteskies.blogspot.com/
Social Link: https://www.instagram.com/jacob_boyd
Published date: Nov 12, 2019
Interviewed by Thomas Hansen

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Jacob Boyd (@jacob_boyd) moved to Whistler BC Canada straight after high school and he gives us his insights to living, shredding and sledding around Whistler during his 7 seasons there. We also discuss why he chose Revelstoke as his next resort and tree-planting.



What's up everybody this is the phone trade in the phone call you're listening to the street in the. On the show I told the professionals living and working in the ski industry try to get a bottle what it's like to be in the booth. And find out what motivates. First up because Jacob boy he's free ski if from being QVC has lived and worked in Whistler BC for 7 seasons and has been a part of the ski with series the card is also won a sick bird award for casa amounts in free will qualify you and your buddies you created a mini web series right yeah yeah that was told to cut so myself and 2 other skiers all live together and we all wanted to get footage and yeah we put it together in 3 different videos we tried to do one a month. He called the cut after. Run into the black that PC gondola. The phones around Whistler yeah we never got it we tried to get to the Rockies at 1.it didn't happen. There at this at this time you you guys had slid right. Yeah it was. Probably 7080 percent slide access and then a little bit of a you know in downs psychiatry stuff. We should talk about with whom am tell people what I think but Whistler tell us what you think about Whistler I think it's so I think it's great I think it's crazy can we be explicit on this product on us you can simply just one okay yeah yes it's good I think it's the best skiing and I haven't. There's a lot of places I haven't checked out but I mean I think it's got the best combination of kind of all elements of skiing I think there are certain places that do certain types of schemes snowboarding better. Like there might be a place that has a better park there might be a a place that I was you know more vertical their places they get more annual snowfall. But. Whistler really like brings everything together and you know it's impossible backcountry retiring now. So that's that's why I think you know people are on this website and they're looking at and you know resorts to go to your I think if you. You know if you really want to just kind of like have a bunch of different types of skiing snowboarding experience like this is the place for that you want to just get you know neck deep how you might want to expand our park you might want to go to you know some Americans are I don't know but. Yeah Whistler's great because you can go do you know both those things yeah and so much more. Yes true. This is a huge metals to huge man's rent so. So much variety. How about the living conditions I mean you you first when did you first move there. I mean if they're in 2010. Just like September after high school. Yeah terms of kind of how successful the living was are there was a lot better than I think now the last 34 years I mean prices of gone up I think it's easy to say like 30 to 40 percent renters so before that it was a lot more manageable. And now I mean it it's still possible but. You know compared to. I mean I think any other ski town area starting one of the worse for costume I guess everybody just wants the beta and its skin it's closer to thank you the. Saved up a bit of money I mean you can I don't know you can kind of coast by owns the jobs there especially here in the service industry Stockhausen also helps learn yeah yeah but again limited number of spots so I think I mean and the same thing for any ski town where there's a competitive rental market is you just kinda have to show up in September or October if you have a place you know October 1 you're good or if you show up October 1. You try to get a place October 1 you get in you know September is even better by the November is gonna be top in December is pretty much no chance yeah I know that I've seen people get up to the town and they have to leave. Yes because like this kind of find a place. The server exor risky for them you know that a lot of them coming from like your purse Strela notice the fly over here. Said to Canada and then they just expect the files on in the discount find anything from what I've heard was says the worse I don't I'm looking for a combination Revelstoke right now it's definitely a little better. Resources yeah Hey have you skied rose the before. 3 days at the resort there. Totaling 4 yeah it's a. It's good I mean. Yeah have you been. Yes yes I had a couple of days the and I I thought was amazing at the mountains is still decently size and the crowds were small little yes unless the one with the. You know the town still good size as well like isn't too small one thing those conditions you you do you're pretty much needed to get to the bottom of the hill because there the combination of the bottom. What made you choose what was that his unix result well partially just like how. Seemingly impossible getting their accommodation Whistler scene. So like but I can also just called a laziness like I just didn't want to go through that that kind of process and I I'm kind of to be honest like stepping back a little bit from skiing in a way I'm I'm not gonna be putting the money or the time that I used to put in skiing this year I'm only gonna ski. 3 months and I'm not buying soon will be also. Like in Whistler I kind of have a routine and like what I know and Whistler is just like that and going on sliding in filming and all this stuff and I want to find a way to have fun without going out and doing that and like living in Whistler and just kind of skiing resort in the same runs are skewed for the last 7 years there it doesn't really 7 yeah well spent 7 years in this area 7 winters winters and springs a couple summers but yeah I like I I I think I can go to Revelstoke and I can you know I'm scared for days there but there's still a lot of stuff I don't know about and I met a bunch of people and I recently that are gonna be there so I just seems like the right the right call I think after doing 7. 7 full seasons in and was there will be a reduction boxes to check in Whistler and like I still want to do all that so. I just need to switch it up yes 7 years of the war so small town I mean after 7 years there I I you know if I go skiing and runs like a dozen people every day just on unless you now walking around you know. It's small enough. Yeah so a couple years ago you board a sled what motivated you blessed with I think the slide are kind of like a medium which they're like a yeah the poor man's helicopters so growing up like I watched all these ski movies and a lot of it especially the mastic production so was filmed around Whistler and then you realize that a lot of these lines that you watch when you're a kid basically. He is going to either. And it's it's pretty awesome and it it's I mean it's a lot of work but yeah it's it's super possible and you can go ski lines just like in the movies in Whistler it's our. It's a great place for snowmobiling. Yeah there's lots of well managed access roads that can take you up in the outline in a short amount of time yeah I haven't snowmobile anywhere else so I can't really. But I'd say there's a good mix of alpine and subalpine train probably the best app is is up in the off line I think if you're in the trees around Whistler touring is a great way to get around. But there's a couple I'm trying to think of like a a slight access 3 zone but can't think of any off the top of my head so where do you usually go sledding was it like around the. Well up in the kill him yeah I will Callahan's actually park so you can go north you can go there's a certain day of the Callahan called Brandywine best the most popular and the most accessible snowmobiling area in Whistler it's. It's right behind the don and you take a. Groomed road you have a 31520 don't you know by. $10 and. And it's pretty amazing because you can be up there close to 2000 meters probably 1819 0 meters up from like 600 a year 1819 0 meters and 20 minutes and suddenly you're looking at you now chocolates finds which is you know our super. Ocular helpline spinal there is yeah it's it's it's amazing how successful it is it is busy but it's still the back country they're still salt water lines for one yes this quick here spell that blank because I've never actually been slim ends you know these spots not son come more popular as wondering like how fresh islands the yeah you know. Sometimes. Stuccu's snatched up and you know no I don't want to point fingers but like the only instance where things that happen to me and stuff but I want to see is going to act up is not from like snowmobiles gears it's from just like snowmobilers that are cut into landings and stuff like that but. Yeah I mean generally is this kind of. I guess the unspoken etiquette is that whoever gets to an area first kind of has taken the lines and you know I think usually the best thing to do is just kind of talk to whoever is in the area and and you know you can kind of just. Sort out. Who wants to see what and the person is their first probably gets priority and yeah but I mean there's like there's a lot. If you find someone in one area you just go around the corner and there's another feature usually. Yeah my favorite zone I think is called Seagram's it's. It straddles the Squamish and. Yes you need to check on this values the Whistler valley and it's. It's a bunch of lake beds that have a bunch of. Right short but I really fun features and yeah I love that place it's a blast I mean there's got to be like 20 different it's in there like. Yeah heads. Yes Seagrams one alone on given out his name so yeah you will be able to find that in Google maps and all. So it like if say if I was to get into slitting would you would you a would you recommend that I want to guess it's going to cost you know and a leg to get a sled the truck made sense fuel all of that what he recommends if someone wants to get started I think I mean well let's be honest most people on this website steers so first I think if you're going to go snowmobiling to go skiing you need to be an expert skier you see me now. Skiing black diamonds maybe double black diamonds I mean you should be able to comfortably speed out of a black diamond are and then obviously it's the back country so you need you know some advanced training B. Kim shovel crow and you know it be good to go like in the back country cheering for you go snowmobiling probably get a better feel of. Knowing kind of what's going on and you know there's a bit like slower rate kind of decision making a hearing rather than snowmobiling so definitely record I don't know. That's just an idea and then yeah if you wanna get into snowmobiling once you got all that stuff covered it yeah you are they need a truck or trailer and then sigh several loading ramp. A lot of snowmobilers say that if you don't wear a full face helmet you're stupid but I know there's lots of people that don't you know it's Yasser laws you would only more elements all like not even ski helmet so that's that's your call I guess and then now yes there will be you can spend anything I know gonna buy get $300 snowmobile you came up with us any split it with our friends are like 150 a snowmobile for him hello and then you can go spend $20000 on any stone we all I think for a reliable kind of. Half decent slide I think like 55 grand would definitely get you in a pretty nice first lad and then yeah always she needs her truck is just like it either so you can spend like 2000 on your truck. I just left us with us yes. What happens is that did you end up selling it. I sold it yeah I went. I went to school in auto and I didn't want to hold on to it and store it and paper store action watch pretty shade so I let it go was this at the time when you have an ankle difficulties because you broke your ankle previously and then use the season right yeah yeah I broke my ankle. In August for the species and and then it was a slow here all or that's what we thought at the time so. There's no way I could just before we get into so how did you end up breaking I was inline skating so I was doing and I was at a state park doing the trick yeah I was like I was pretty into it I wasn't just kinda. Skating around us probably like. 20 tries into something and I just like slipped out under rotated and kinda like was a big starkest in the air but like starfish right on to my left ankle and then it was really weird my skate broke one of the rivets the couple's. Hot dog. In retrospect this maybe I should have been more careful and looking at my clinic better and I popped off and I had this harsh landing in my ankle just hold it in words it's actually funny it's called the snowboarders fracture this is what happens when a snowboarder say over shoot the jump and lands to tail heavy and you know the ankle get squeezed into that kind of. Gets rolled in words say you end up doing a a full season after this you didn't have surgery straight away right so I had this surgeon I guess we're successful surgeon former head of the Canadian orthopedic association and and I talked to other doctors and the doctors are saying they could have a surgeon to be ham and she wanted to do this non surgical approach he thought that it was still healing and the consequences of surgery would be you know too great and that I should just yeah let it heal naturally at this point. We realized there was cartilage damage you know I got number on my. And you said that you know to avoid running but skiing was cool so whole yeah it was it was a pretty weird time socked skiing and paying like every day I was skiing with I was new. What are the skiing with a broken ankle for. I think I started skiing. Early January that year honesty can tell a girl and it was like I could like. It would like her to walk downstairs like every single scare like when I would go to the truck in the morning and it was pretty **** up and like some 100 okay from the doctor and anyways and then even worse not I when planted on my ankle that summer and that's what really did and then that's when I was like and the doctor okay both these things so here's the. I think maybe he was so in demand that that might have made him more hesitant to operate where as of last you know how much a popular doctor but like less you know this is like one of the best surgeons in western Canada and I'm locked out and just have this guy so but I'm probably one of his lowest priority so his lack of willingness to operate you know and that time I kept using my ankle with his permission that was I'm not I'm not gonna blame him you know yeah I know you just sent it in making the right calls it as a as a doctor like obviously I'm not going to question and surgeons judgment but I think yes so I had that I got a book first surgery with him I had to quit planting I'd never done that before yeah I skied the entire season we saw we filmed the cart I was skiing on a broken ankle and be like I guess sucks because like I like to go and get like a tunnel out soon and and really just like dial in my skiing you know I'm kind of like once decreases quality hi I can't just go and like send shouldn't stop it are like I really like to just ski loss so in that year I would be in pain so like our dogs it was **** shitty are going to get shots and then like call it a man or like you know I would go to the hill and just do a couple accidents just like this lazy a key factor skiing like only for getting shots really is when I'm on my hand yeah so it was she and you know this isn't like I was getting paid or anything this is like on this point still on some like pipe dream you know getting sponsored whatever whatever I mean yeah I'm likely the year before that I had like a good season at it so I think I don't know I was like. Still had a couple connections at that point but you know again wasn't getting paid or anything so I was like. I wouldn't say it was ugly known it was just like. Yeah I guess I missed like super Dickens seeing. Yeah yeah. Must you really frustrating trying to deal with Sandburg angle because you invested a lot and you know you track you so you gonna yeah you try to take shots. And you know without without all that practice of just feeling comfortable skiing and doing heaps of the left the must be really difficult. If you go that pain lakes of consciously you not into it as much right you like off I'm gonna land like that it's gonna hurt like a little bit and without a broken ankle you are probably going a little harder I would assume. Yeah yeah there was a you know crazy year there were others it's not unlimited placing on some other stuff going on right yeah it kinda happens with the ankle and like. You know some bad stuff happened I got down to as well during that time and. Yeah it was our another route it was a low point but I still don't know who he is I don't really remember the bad parts 2 months external upon you know like I finally got to live out you know aside from all the bad things is definitely a lot of good things that years well I didn't work all year I lived with the house of skiers you know I've always wanted to do that I haven't got you know we kind of have like crew is pretty tight yes the cut on him you know I I highly recommend anybody check that out iRacing some for job good music good shots and he gives users runs where amongst the 3 of us we don't have a drum but this guy that we skied reps are Essex Prescott Prescott and your own. So we had a drone yeah we're we're around here. Scarce. Thanks I'm guessing cellphone rates this year that's about it though I'm still there is that is a long ride in Revelstoke it's like this perfect kinda log does it do you eat and I had drops off 5 it's pretty set I'm stoked to hit that it's super weird. That's one of those what your skills of you know being able to spot features anything amiss what what motivates you to ski as is. Childhood memories so any other inspirational ski is it they got you want to ski I think there is a. I think there's something to be said her kind of like a weird just. It's just just feel scared you know. Okay meditation sort of a yeah what are. Like to target it just. Yeah it just feels really good. All this crazy **** you can accelerate like so quickly on skis you know anything about it compared to ours you can basically accelerate you know the rate of a sports car let down and now face. And engine. This. And then you can just take these huge chairs I mean you can take you know you just sound like a 24 air just easy on skis and like in any other store even my mountain biking I feel like that's a look you know that's the other only other kind of sport now I'm making in like motocross in the only people doing time like jumps the size yes I mean you know like the biggest ski jumps in the world it's like over 100 feet and I like skiing because there's so many different types of men it's not like if you play soccer are you know you're gonna do it different variation on soccer where that will change again but you can use skiing and you can do ski racing United ski racing and instant cross and then edit you know these big mountain freezing all the tensions and then I even an apartment once. You know rail jams like there's just so much variety women's sports that you can you can do and there's and it's not like you're stuck to one day discipline either people like you know pro skiers can cross so many different disciplines and be successful at it so that that's pretty cool yeah thanks yeah feels good and it just gives you this kind of immense physical freedom that yeah you can't really get other sports. 3 time on the mound and what Skid you the most of any experience you've had I saw a lady got get pretty hurt one time she stayed off a cliff she is part of it he was with another party and we're sharing a backcountry area she took off the cliff in the wrong direction and landed on rocks and then. But I just felt like a sitting duck because you know what the group I was where I was I had no medical training I didn't have great snowmobiles handling skills and I just like watch other people going help her try not to get in the way and then. You know gone scary when people we had to develop this description gonna to help her and they have radios but we were kind of afraid to ask what was going on and we're starting to fear the worst yeah so that's probably and I was probably the peak in the next year diminish quickly because we checked and eventually and so you know mistakes you stand is she thanks to broker have. They are. Indian reach device and called in early evacuation that was another reason I felt kind of bad during the whole thing was I didn't have the you know quick meant to be super well prepared either and I I hadn't really even consider that. Tennis you know we're going on these big parties and I always just kind of assume someone else got it covered anyways yeah complicated man you know there's a list since it was hit well yeah I mean think about what happens what you're gonna do something really bad happens and have a plan especially if you're on a cell service those devices are expensive and they require a subscription what about some other times that you've been personally skate for yourself I got in an avalanche one sign what was that that was actually within with service or boundary so yes so what happened was it was about 3 days after pretty big storm and most so the train had been skied out and I was up by myself on peak chair just poking and he's a little pockets in kind of steep areas that no one in ski yet I'm just getting a couple turns here a couple turns there each slot and a ones into a run cold wissick who are. It's not the war. Okay Sir are yeah it's called or is it's like you know it's probably the steepness labeled well yeah this is the steepest labeled run in Whistler Blackcomb and so you can enter through this. Steve section and then anyways I hope left after that and I went into this kind of section between 2 runs and it was the leeward side so it's pretty heavily loaded with snow I saw 2 tracks down it presumably controllers and there was a yeah pretty steep maybe 45 degree face 50 feet long or kind of skinny that it was right over a cliff there was a click when we see it to ski laughs because the quit so yeah there are 2 tracks down in a couple days after the storm I mean downs I just thought okay and we need you tracks was a little rock like a 10 foot area so I took the air and the landing from there was enough to trigger a slide and everything below it had been studio so there wasn't a lot of data slide even though it was really deep the crown is 120 centimeters it didn't have a lot of call you because there's you know in terms of the area of the pocket of snow that broke it was pretty small the problem was it was big enough to take me down and it was a really steep problems so I was kind of waste nipple deep in this kind of Snowmass like straight line the server which is not. Something you do it's not a straight line around his flock like it's not something I would ever intentionally ski down but I was talking to slide and to my skis were soon enough snow that I couldn't turn and I basically yeah I had like the run in my life and. I thought. Time and thinking I heard you're supposed to swim in it so I kind of lean back respect cans and when I try to like flowed knit and then realize what I got married and that's what our guys okay have to stand outside of student problem is he's pressed on the 10 tails gonna sell court again it was super weird I came to a stop and. Buried up to my chest and in the Allens took me like 20 feet within a groomer at a green around so I stopped after having you know this terrifying experience and there's like a dad and his son just kinda you know Pete saying down the run and they had no idea you know they didn't even notice me buried up to my chest it didn't occur to me at the time I call made in our 2 after he said. Member to report the slide so if you're ever in an avalanche in bounds and you are okay after trying to find a ski patrol and report the sides of them tell them where it happens his name is seen that same slide and may have some anxiety about it so I went up a couple hours later talk to them they had seen the slide you didn't think it was big enough to bury person I actually told them that you know it did go you know I did go under Chris act so if I were lying flat it it would have buried me like Sam lost my skis and I wasn't able to was able to straighten myself out so users also heading toward the cliff we close that 1 you like taking you yeah I ideally I would have skied terror scares laughs and avoided the class or maybe you know maybe there's a section of it it grows into a large so in this section it's only 1020 feet and whether the slide took me it took me into that likely you know it was just a manageable draw. See that's taking over the job yeah yeah but as he since I stopped it you know saw. It was scary but you're also just so caught up in the moment that you don't really have time to be scared you know like watching watching someone get hurt and having you Sidey build out is and having an yeah time to think about it that that was scary but you know skiing is scary in general it's scary to like before competition around you know you might fall and I get hurt but you're kind of preoccupied with skiing if you can manage yourself and so you probably shouldn't be too scared you know you should just be kind of focused on skiing. Yeah I couldn't imagine they in that situation myself sounds pretty nuts what do you want to see the seasonal during the season you said that you're stepping back a bit. Yeah I just wanna ski resort as much as possible and then you were too I don't really know the sounds I have a couple friends there. To show me around my body Jordan's up there he said he's going to show me around so we'll be waiting when to well no not neither of us will be working yeah I ski team your available what. I meant unemployment insurance. We're gonna be on the dole this sounds like a dream yeah we. I work for it though I work pretty hard the last 6 months and this. How what how is the jury planning this last summer I was great yes good season you recommend that direct mail in the. Yeah you're like one of those people coming to Whistler and you want to do yes you can figure that out you get a work permit you start you. This season planting and a new season skiing like you can save some money your first season planting and it's a great way to like immerse yourself right into the best example of Canadian culture basically are not the best example but like. Really typical Canadian culture you're gonna need some cool heating young people and you have to work hard making much money how is the work itself I am sure let me started must being. Pretty taxing the body but I guess you got used to pretty fast. There are still extremely taxing it is 7 got any easier I mean the better you get at the them you know more taxing it as planned or so but yeah it's in 2 days this year and I try to imagine what it's like at the. You guys have like a competition set up for you. Yeah there's a variety of stuff there are camps where they cook for you and you just had to 10 and then they do Mattel motel shows to where you're in a motel room. And and you cook for yourself. I'm just trying to like get a picture in my head of what second and a normal day sake you fully out in the middle of nowhere right. Generally yeah you could be anywhere and BC where there is a longing industry basically. Much wildlife under yeah see also it's a long way I headed to any Hursley round ends but tons of black bears myself links this summer that was really cool lots of birds yeah also to burn owls and eagles and hawks I was just on the coast and they had like really all we saw there was ravens black bears bald eagle X. same name is was amazing. I meant it yeah I mean because they spend all that time outdoors and then again in the winter when you spinning wheel of time at those as well do you find it do you find it difficult to get back to the city and I live in the city for awhile there's a little culture shock I see that you know especially cities where rob just like coming back I'm always feels good when is the best place to find information on you or where they can hit you up. Jacob _ void on Instagram I don't have a Twitter you can check out under white stars dossier is my blog and I haven't written in years but if you scroll through that there's some you know good memories and photos and videos on there and then yeah baby page just Jacob void. You go wash Lansky videos awesome and we play thanks so much for coming on the show did no I'll speak to you soon right okay. Was used to it. Make sure to reach out. Find one of those videos or log and what. Posted you living and working in the industry make sure to check out the whole. Find a whole bunch of information. Ratings.